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If you need a service like heartbeat for linux on a windows machine and the enterprise cluster functionality is too complex, too expansive, you just don't want a quorum or you have just a standard windows. The objective for this application is high aviability.

What you can do with this piece of software:
  • Watch if the other server is alive. (through heartbeat messages)
  • Get Eventlog Entries if the state changes
  • Takeover a ip - Adress if the other server dies, with a fall back if the server comes up again
  • Enable / Disable Windows Task if the state changes
  • Start Stop Services if the state changes
  • Do whatever a batch can do

  • 2 node systems are supported
  • it is developed with Visual Studio 2008 in Csharp (requirement .net Framework 2.0)
  • It is tested on Windows 2003, Windows 2008 (it should work on xp and vista too)

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